The community is the first place everyone experiences physical activity and sport. Sport for Life provides the framework to ensure these experiences are positive and sets the stage for a lifelong relationship with quality sport and physical activity. This culturally tailored resource and accompanying full-day workshop has been developed by Sport for Life and the Aboriginal Sport Circle, with input from many Aboriginal sport and physical activity leaders across the country. It is designed for Aboriginal community members, such as parents, Elders, educators, recreation leaders and coaches, who value being active as a vehicle to the holistic development and well being of both the individual and the community. The resource and workshop supports these individual champions as they seek to develop quality sport and physical activity programs and build collaborative relationships across community members in a journey towards building an active, healthy, and engaged community. The resource provides participants with:

  • An understanding of the importance of physical activity and an introduction to the concept of physical literacy, which is the motivation, confidence, and physical competence to be active for life.
  • A feeling of empowerment to support and deliver quality sport and physical activity and programs in their community.
  • Tools, resources, and action plans to help get their communities active.
  • A sense of how they are connected to a bigger picture.

Available times and locations


Date: 1 Mar 2018
Time: 12:00 To 16:00 MST

Location: Kitaskinaw School , Enoch
Instructor: Dorothy Paul
Notes: Please note this workshop will take place over two sessions: March 1: 12:00-4:00PM March 8: 12:00-4:00PM

Price: $ 0.00

Seats remaining: 4

Date: 2 Mar 2018
Time: 08:30 To 15:30 MST

Location: Paul First Nation School, Duffield
Instructor: Dorothy Paul
Notes: Duffield, AB.

Price: $ 0.00

Seats remaining: 29

British Columbia

Date: 11 Mar 2018
Time: 09:00 To 17:00 PST

Location: Chief Louie Centre Assembly Hall, Kamloops
Instructor: Dorothy Paul
Notes: Venue: Moccasin Square Gardens 315 Southern Yellowhead Highway Kamloops, BC

Price: $ 0.00

Seats remaining: 29