Physical activity is a lot more fun when you are physically literate. Now more than ever, physical literacy is being recognized as an important component of best practices in the sport, recreation, health and education sectors within Canada. Unfortunately, not everyone knows or understands what exactly physical literacy is. The goal of the Physical Literacy 101 Workshop is to cover a broad introduction to the concept of physical literacy. During this half-day workshop, you will take part in an interactive session that will help you to define what exactly physical literacy means, and how you can integrate its concepts to improve your programs. We will touch on the Physical Literacy Assessment for Youth (PLAY) Tools and show you how these can be used to track development of physical literacy skills to help participants improve where needed. You will leave with a solid understanding of what physical literacy is and knowledge of how you can encourage continual improvement and development of physical literacy skills across the lifespan.

Available times and locations

British Columbia

Date: 24 Apr 2019
Time: 17:00 To 21:00 PDT

Location: PLAY Kamloops: Tournament Capital Centre - Meeting Room D, Kamloops
Instructors: Nicole Beauregard

Contact Name: Katie Klassen
Email: or
Special Instructions: The workshop will be taking place in Meeting Rooms B, C & D

Price: $ 25.00

Seats remaining: 25

Date: 6 May 2019
Time: 08:45 To 14:45 PDT

Location: School District 20: J Lloyd Crowe Secondary - Cross Training Room, Trail
Instructors: Lea Wiens

Contact Name: Teresa Berdusco
Phone: 250.368.1305

Special Instructions:

  • This workshop is being offered to teachers of BC School District #20 and open only to this audience.
  • This workshop will be offered with two options for timing:
    • Option 1: 8:45am - 11:15am
    • Option 2: 12:15pm - 2:45pm

Price: $ 0.00

Seats remaining: 0


Date: 24 Apr 2019
Time: 09:05 To 13:55 EDT

Location: Maxwell Heights Secondary School - Co-op Room, Oshawa
Instructors: Eugene Todd

Contact Name:Nikki Brown
Phone: 905.391.0444

Special Instructions:

  • This workshop is being offered to students at Maxwell Heights Secondary School only.
  • The workshop will be delivered as follows:
    • 0905 - 1105: Session #1
    • 1105 - 1155: Lunch
    • 1155 - 1355: Session #2

Price: $ 0.00

Seats remaining: 0