Introduction to Physical Literacy

Front-line physical activity workers will be introduced to the concept of physical literacy, and be able to identify the key elements of a supportive physical literacy environment.

Movement Preparation Part 1

Develop an understanding of why physical literacy is important and how by using physical literacy movement preparation as a warm-up effectively, it can increase the durability and performance of athletes while decreasing their risk of injury.

Movement Preparation Part 2 (Soccer)

Become familiar with the physical literacy movement preparation program specific to soccer including each of the five components and detailed explanations regarding the proper execution and progression of each exercise to increase athlete durability and performance while decreasing the risk of injury.

Diversity and Inclusion Training for Volunteers

Volunteers are the public face of community events, non-profit organizations, and the corporate sponsors that support those events and organizations. Volunteer workforces should be diverse and inclusive, and every volunteer should feel safe, respected, and appreciated at all times. This course educates volunteer workers about acceptable and unacceptable attitudes and behaviours, how to respond appropriately, and their role in supporting a respectful, productive volunteer environment.

New Board Member Orientation

This course was designed to educate not for profit volunteers who serve on a board. It is recommended that all board members under go an orientation as to their roles and responsibilities. This training contains video scenarios and interactive exercises to enforce key concepts.

Canadian Indigenous Culture Training - Truth and Reconciliation Edition

This edition has been designed in accordance with the Truth & Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Calls to Action (2015) and includes information about the history and legacy of residential schools, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Treaties and Aboriginal rights, Indigenous law, and Aboriginal-Crown relations. This course has been developed by the Indigenous Leadership Development Institute of Canada.