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Risk Management in Sport defines risk management, explains why effective risk management is necessary, and provides a practical description of the risk management process as it applies to sport organizations.


Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Define the terms hazard, risk, risk management, reasonable standard of care, and negligence
  • Recognize the benefits of effective risk management and know that risk management must be an ongoing process which becomes embedded into the culture of the organization
  • Know that each organization, club, and team needs to have a Risk Management Representative (RMR) and be able to identify the responsibilities of an RMR
  • Identify and describe each step in the risk management process
  • List the general areas of risk for a sport organization
  • Describe the policies, procedures and practices which must be implemented within each general area of risk to create a safe environment
  • Understand the importance of monitoring and evaluation in ensuring that the risk management process is effective