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Effective Board Governance

Effective Board Governance

$ 24.95

Language: English.

Course Duration: 2-3 Hours.

Upon completion, participants will receive a certificate of eLearning completion and 3 National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Professional Development (PD) Points (if applicable).

This course was designed to educate volunteers who serve on a board of a non-profit organization. Typically, organizations have staff (paid or volunteer) who report to an administrator who reports to the board of directors. This course uses examples and scenarios from that type of organizational structure. For those who serve on a board for organizations structured differently, not all examples and scenarios in the course will be directly applicable; however, the key lessons of the modules and concepts are transferable. It is recommended that all board members undergo an orientation for their roles and responsibilities. This training contains video scenarios and interactive exercises to enforce key concepts.

Course Overview:

  • Module 1: Orientation to the Board.
  • Module 2: The Structure of Non-profit Boards.
  • Module 3: Board Roles and Responsibilities.
  • Module 4: Executive Director Roles and Responsibilities.
  • Module 5: Strategic Planning.
  • Module 6: Policy Development
  • Module 7: Budget and Finances.
  • Module 8: Resolving Conflict.

This course has been developed by Brock University's Centre for Sport Capacity and Sport for Life.