The community is where most sport happens yet there is little support in the way of resources, workshops and strategies for Canada’s sport and community leaders. This workshop is designed to connect and inform local sport clubs and their community partners such as facilities, municipalities and schools with tools, connections, resources and processes that support quality sport and physical activity at all levels. We will explore how to collaboratively provide quality sport in our communities by developing and supporting good people, good places and good programs.

Participants will be introduced to the Quality Sport checklist as well as information, resources and the opportunity to share collaborative strategies in the following areas:

  • Focus on athlete growth and development

  • Supporting long-term goals

  • Using competition intentionally for developmentfr

  • A commitment to sport for all

  • Partnerships that prioritize development needs

Who should attend? Sport leaders, coaches, municipal recreation leaders, PTSOs, funders and everyone committed to working together to deliver the best possible sport and physical activity across the community.


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