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Physical Literacy Assessment

Physical Literacy Assessment

Language: English, French 

Duration: 2 Hours

Upon completion, participants will receive a certificate of workshop completion and 2 National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Professional Development (PD) Points (if applicable).


This workshop will provide participants with the ability to execute, score and interpret the physical literacy assessment for youth (PLAY) tools in a sport specific setting. The session includes an update on physical literacy trends, which highlight potential roles for sport associations. Participants will leave this session with a renewed sense of urgency to address physical literacy through their strong working knowledge of the PLAY tools and their application. There are numerous opportunities and applications for these tools, including physical literacy awareness for parents and coaches, global and individual tracking of physical literacy, assessing the impact of your programs on physical literacy development and research applications.

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To ensure the success of this workshop, a minimum number of registrations is requred. If registration numbers are low, the workshop will be cancelled and Sport for Life will reach out with an opportunity to take part in another, upcoming workshop.